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UNA vodka

UNA Vodka

UNA Vodka

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A floral bouquet come to life.
Step into the wondrous power of flowers, one sip at a time.
Delicate and lush, silky and beguiling flower infused premium vodka.
Lovingly made in Miami. Like nothing that’s come before it. You won’t forget this journey.

Flower-infused, handmade luxury vodka.

UNA begins with a proprietary blend of fresh California-grown begonias plus Florida-grown orange blossoms and vanilla flowers from Madagascar. Before any work happens, the fresh petals are gently separated by hand.
The hand-picked petals (no stems, leaves or bulbs) are then added to a pure 100% American corn vodka.
The spirit, which has a naturally-occurring pale blush tint from the begonias, is finished with a signature, head-turning bottle adorned with original art and a custom-made red rose topper.
UNA is designed for the sophisticated way we drink now. Capturing Miami’s magical neon nights and the lush romance of flowers, UNA is a pure distillation of authenticity and creativity.
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