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Come on, beauty.
Let's adore one another,
before there is no more
of you and me.

What you see are wondrous flowers
Ready to open, ready to bloom, ready to burst.

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There is always room for
a flower in your bar,
isn't there?

Envision yourself walking through a luscious flower garden, taking in the beauty of each bloom...

No longer the reserve of the cocktail garnish,
flowers are taking center stage
Welcome to UNA, a flower infused vodka

A contemporary perfect blend of vodka & flowers that will make you discover a new flavor depth & complexity that will dazzle & delight you

Fragrant & flavorful flower-powered vodka

From a sparkling UNA vodka fizz to a UNA vodka & tonic, there is a glorious pour for all budding consumers & mixologists

Let's change the way we sip vodka
We want to inspire consumers and the next generation with creativity and make an impact spreading love & beauty from Miami to the world


Only vodka can respect the essence of flowers
Only flowers can respect the purity of vodka

We believe in your talent
If you are reading this and have
A creative and positively free spirit
We would love to see your artwork

Our label is your canvas